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27 Nov 2018 05:45

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<p>Have you ever ever been pushing your shopping trolley down the aisles of Aldi and Lidl if you thought you'd spotted your favourite branded biscuits for a bargain price? Only they're not actually Oreos however a packet of Borneo biscuits as an alternative. The same emblem and blue and white packaging practically had you fooled. Brands aren't allowed to repeat one another's marketing, but it is a sneaky tactic usually used to get shoppers to choose the cheaper model over the branded ones. Retailers can get in actual bother if they're caught doing it.</p>

<p>Poundland were forced to drag their Toblerone copycat Twin Peaks bars after chocolatiers Mondelez launched a authorized battle in opposition to them. Funds supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have been doing this for a while now, in the hope that you're going to opt for the cheaper version because they look the identical - however do they really style the same?</p>
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<p>When you purchase the cheaper one, are you really sacrificing the style of your favourite goodies? Or are the branded ones truly overpricing their food? Look-a-like products will be present in every aisle at Aldi and Lidl - some coming pretty close to the real deal. We found some of one of the best ones and put them to the check in a blind style problem.</p>

<p>Check out what we thought under. These two packets are nearly similar - you would easily mistake the knock off ones as the true deal. Each packets include seven baggage of baked, cheesy crackers - and the Snaktastic ones have even opted for a similar color scheme. Even though mini cheddars are on supply at Tesco and Sainsbury's for &pound;1 (usually &pound;1.80), the ones from Lidl value 21p much less. Verdict: To look at, the Lidl ones are slightly darker across the edges, however to taste I reckon they're virtually identical.</p>

<p>Our blind tasters couldn't tell the difference. Do you know, McVitie never trademarked the title &quot;Jaffa cakes&quot;? That's why different manufacturers, like Sondey at Lidl, can get away with naming their model the identical. The cakes were named after the Jaffa orange which is used to make the jelly in the middle. Although the field of 10 McVitie's ones costs 75p from Asda, you can double up the box for &pound;1.42 at Morrisons.</p>

<p>Still, you can get a box of 24 of the similar candy treats for 89p at Lidl - 53p cheaper and also you get more for your money. Verdict: You can undoubtedly see and style the difference with these ones. The knock off treats haven't got as a lot cake and the chocolate is darker and would not taste as clean. The packaging may look the identical but they're no means pretty much as good.</p>

<p>Our blind style testers might all point out the cheaper ones. Okay, so these aren't as related as some of the opposite ones we found, but there isn't any denying what the Neo biscuits are impressed by. Not like Oreos, the box of Neo biscuits are available snack packets of five, so you'll get extra for your cash with the ones from Lidl.</p>

<p>Verdict: They appear very similar with the dark biscuit sandwiching a vanilla cream centre. The Neos are smaller than the Oreos but have an almost an identical pattern on the highest and bottom of the treat. The Oreo stamp on the highest of the branded biccies is an actual giveaway! But in relation to style, there's not so much in it. They might have gone for a unique color scheme however judging by the packaging, the hazelnut bars look very just like family favourites Kinder Buenos.</p>

<p>Lidl's Mister Choc Bellona bars are available blue packaging however the bars are nearly the identical form, though the cheaper ones are drizzled in white chocolate fairly than darkish. You get eight fingers of the branded chocolate for &pound;1.50 at Waitrose (on provide from &pound;2) however you will get solely seven fingers in cheaper packs. Verdict: There's virtually no distinction on the subject of the style. The centre of the Kinder Bueno bars may be a bit bit smoother, and the chocolate does not style precisely the identical however it is not enough to make me want to spend extra! Glance at these packets rapidly and also you'd easily mistake them for the same thing.</p>

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